I am sure that each of you has already heard or read about crowdfunding, perhaps even invested yourself or even initiated one yourself. This particular process, where consumer demand determines whether or not how much of a product is made, I personally consider to be a very promising approach to a resource-based economy.

Often I hear as an objection that crowdfunding brings with it a few disadvantages for the consumer, of which the one that consumers often have to wait (too) long for the product represents the biggest hurdle. Now, with a following vision, I want to try to take away this disadvantage, or rather hurdle, and make the possibility of using crowdfunding in an adapted economic system possible for you to imagine.


Michael is a member of an (online) community, which guarantees him an unconditional basic income – his basic need is thus ensured. Michael is no longer dependent on having to be active in order to ensure his very existence as a human being.

Then Michael hears about a new product Y, which he definitely wants (or has to have), which a) costs more than he can afford from his UBI and b) is only produced in X months or years.

Because Michael knows all this and wants that the product is made for him, he enters his social role as co-initiator in the manufacturer’s crowdfunding, and since he knows it will take X months or years, he seeks to be able to “work” for the community for this period (according to his gifts and talents) and to take on another social role (Co-Initiator) and to spend his lifetime.

Michael now knows why he gets up every morning! And he also knows that he has to do this only for a certain period of time (because he wants it). Thus, the “long wait” is not only productively used by Michael, but also useful (there is a reason for the whole entrepreneurial journey).

What would be necessary for this vision?

1. The freedom of each person to choose when, where and if he wants to be active (wants to spent his lifetime)

2. A data system is secured by and with confidence on both sides.

3. A data system in which opportunities to bring in his gifts and talents are made available to each member of the community.

4. A distribution system that guarantees that the requested products are also delivered to the co-initiators.


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a Possibilist and that I do not leave it with a “simple vision” and therefore have long since looked around for imaginable alternatives (in some cases also tried and tested). All the more will it astonish (terrify?) Those realists, what I will show now, going through the individual points.

Point 1: The freedom of every human to choose when, where and whether he wants to be active is already theoretically imaginable through a model of unconditional basic income – regardless of whether one of these models can already be realized today – it is only important , that – if there is a UBI, it is possible! This first hurdle would have been taken and it would be reasonable to look for solutions that could realize a UBI 😉 It is my belief that there is such a model already with the natural economy of life (NEoL) …

On point 2: The Blockchain technology makes it possible to not only guarantee security, but also to guarantee, “automatic trust” via so-called “smart contracts”, and there are already quite a few projects in this branch which are aiming for this in order to achieve conventional “types” of trust “(and thus the jobs) obsolete.

To point 3: Here would be suffice each member page of an online community, but what I envisage, is a platform that offers exactly this service. Did I inspire you?

To point 4: Amazon does it with its warehouses all around the world, to ensure optimal distribution of goods. What if each (online) community could do it on its own?

So you see, obviously, the realization of this vision depends only on our real decision-makers; the technology for this „new system“ is (already) available and it only needs one (global) system, which bundles all these points.

So far so this vision, which you can comment below, because I am grateful to all who are involved in the realization of this idea – no matter how “constructive”!

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