Solopreneur, Philosopher, Systemtheorist, Natural Economist and hobby Futurologist

"Freedom is for me not to be able to do what I want, but not to have to do what others want me to do" (Jean Jacques Rousseau 1672-1747)

In my time as a fantasy role-player, I was once considered by a game master to be a "real Elf ". As much as I was pleased with this compliment (for as such I saw it), it also made me pensive in two ways: on the one hand, it made me lonely over my fellow human beings, because basically I WAS that elf I played there every two weeks and on the other hand, I was wondering if we could have all the ideas, beliefs, and attitudes I played during the role-playing game in an "elven society." In other words, if only as an elf in our society would I be so free and blissful I could be?

"Freedom and happiness" - for all people, that is my maxim. I BELIEVE that not only I EARN it, but ALL human beings - invariably: old, young, unborn, socially "weak" and difficult, "normal", "civilized" as "wild". For most people it is not possible to live by this maxim- and this is one of the main reasons for their position in society. For me it has always been reason enough to do something about it. We are as we are because of our (social) environment. If we change the circumstances and states of it, then we change ourselves or have the opportunity to do so.

I am a visionary and "Possibilist" - i. a person who sees in life and for life as a whole, only POSSIBILITIES. I BELIEVE in POSSIBILITIES that can be realized if we just WANT. What has been realized is our reality, our lifeworld. In this sense, there is no "invisible hand" that "regulates" or "controls" our man-made systems. We are the "helmsmen", we define the framework conditions, how something is regulated. BELIEVING in something is a DECISION. In that sense, I have decided to believe in a better future.

The expression "Possibilist" (which does not come from me in this sense) thus opens up a new association of man or his attitudes towards a worldview in relation to the other two terms "realist" (a pessimistic view of our future, I think) and "idealist" (a slightly transfiguring worldview that is always met with a "nose hull" or "smug smile"). In the past I only helplessly watched all states. I thought I was alone with my motivation and often felt marginalized from society and not understood. Today I know that having "crazy" or having a totally different belief is better than being NORMal.

Now I am GRATEFUL for the opportunities and SOLUTIONS that already exist. One of these strategies is the natural economy of life of which I am an ambassador. But it also MOVES me that there are so many different alternatives for a new paradigm! With the "tools" available through the NEoL, the THRIVE Movement, Human Connection or One Community, I am confident that I will be able to co-create another world in which my maxim can be realized with all like-minded people.

We are all CO-CREATORS of our lifeworld. We no longer ask ourselves what and if something is "realistic", but instead, in what kind of world we want to spend our precious LIFETIME - a world in which we want to live and which we want. Let us use all possibilities to make this New World a reality for us. Many of these alternative possibilities can and will be found at IdentityMineStore.


Michael Spies Entrepreneur and owner of IdentityMineStore



"Most powerful letters"

Everytime you see the logo, you automatically claim the most powerful sentence of every conscious being, while pronouncing the two letters „I“ and „M“ - „I am“. That´s why I chose this logo!

Why are these letters so powerful? Because everytime you are saying „I am“ you give yourself a characteristic or bring yourself in context to a situation which is „part“ of your identity (at this time or everytime)!

As it is my passion (or purpose of this store) to strengthen your identity, I have the vision that everytime you invest here, your identity gets the encouraging push it needs to fulfill your purpose in the end - I AM ... Always remind yourself before, how you close the sentence - or with which „characteristic“ 😉


"Why Identitymine for my Store?"

Why did I chose this name for my online store?

I chose „identitymine“ because it emphasises the meaning of „identity“ and how important it is to all living and conscious beings to have an identity and - more importantly - to be constantly and persistently aware of it.

„identitymine“ causes (or should cause) a feeling of „intimidation“ and „selfownership“ which is essential in our time not to forget about - and I am glad if this feeling got strenghtend when investing in my store!

And thirdly, the name itself has to do with my own "identity" (or purpose to be precise).

Instead of „relying“ on the „fears“ or „problems“ of my fellow human beings and potential customers and "strenghtening" them by „feeding“ these fears and problems, my purpose with this store is to strenghten (your) LOVE, CONFIDENCE and IMAGINATION (allowing yourself to believe in „new things“).

"What are PSIPS and how can they support you?"

Instead of "ordinary" quotes PSIPS are "in picture taken maxims" or presented, visualized maxims. A maxim is somekind of a supreme personal rule of life, a motto which represents a big part of your Identity. Maxims can also be quotes from other people (their identity) that we adopt - therefore, the slight confusion 🙂

Unlike quotes, with PSIPS you show your identity, which in turn helps you to be "open". In this context PSIPS can contribute to your communication (the real exchange of mutually relevant information), motivate and inspire you and your fellow human beings - and above all, they can enhance you.

By Enhancing is meant that with it your activity capacity (for everyone has one) is increased so that you always have enough life energy available when you need it.

PSIPS create and support personal development. Under "personality development" I do not understand the development of a (presumably) existing personality to promote, but the formation of such. That is my goal (and part of the purpose) of my entrepreneurship. However, this will not happen in a "magical way" by itself, but needs your full action and focus- in other words, I need your person as a whole to build your personality 🙂

As you'll discover, I leave it to your self-responsibility (your freedom) to do what is necessary for it, but give you my full support and attention whenever you need it, whether you want to invest in PSIPS or not 😉


                     Why Co-Initiating and how can this benefit me?

How do new things spread? How do memes come into being? When does a trend become an integral part of everyday life? My answer is: through use and usage in the everyday life. A thing is used when it a) facilitates my everyday life or enriches it and b) if it benefits me.

That's exactly what I promise with the PSIPS, and the co-initiating campaign achieves the exact range and impact required for successful memes to be integrated into our everyday lives.

There will be a time when PSIPS will be as well known as Mickey Mouse and you will look back with pride on PSIPS having played a crucial role in your life 😉

PSIPS are not the only ...

Another purpose of this store is to make people smart and "fit" to the coming systemic changes - literally so that you "fit" into the future systems 😉 On my website you will find free articles (and exclusive lounges) to the following themes: personal development, system development, (new) forms of entrepreneurship (social entrepreneur, solopreneur) and new technologies and inventions (especially AR and VR) - because I believe that EVERYONE will be an entrepreneur in the future and all these themes will be interesting then 😉