“You need the right mindset!”, “Without the right mindset, you will not succeed.” You may have read or heard these or similar phrases before, but do you notice something? Replace “mindset”, through “muscles”. Well, are you ringing? Are they not the same sentences, which you are hearing when e.g. listening to professional athletes? Which they hear when they are about to make an important decision in their athletic career? If they want to win another victory for themselves or their team and be successful again?

As I said, all the personality trainers I know are talking about it. And surely you know the objections and missing success stories that go with it. However, this is the case because all of these training sessions were missing the key. In this vision, I will show you that every training (whether physical or mental) requires a specific component to be successful in the long term: the right community where your newly acquired appearance or mindset will be fully recognized. This recognition in turn motivates you to continue to work on this appearance or mindset or to maintain it.

On the way to extraordinaryness …

Michael wants to join a new project in his online community, where he can use his (newly found) gifts and talents meaningfully. He knows that he has to train his mindset for that (he does not have the discipline) so he looks for a personality trainer who can give him the necessary training.

Michael trains hard and follows the instructions of his coach word by word (and learns discipline …). At the same time, he “tests” his new mindset in his community by asking himself, “How am I going to be accepted in the community?”.

Since the resonance is exactly what Michael hoped for from the training, he continues and completes the training. Michael now has the recognition he wanted to feel empowered and self-confident to tackle the project within the community. He is sure that with this new mindset he can bring the project to a successful conclusion.

Since the project takes place in his community, he spends most of his lifetime with it and in it. With this he trains “automatically” his brain – until it becomes a habit. Michael has taken the first step to exceptionality (beyond the ordinary mindset)! If Michael ever realizes that this environment (community) is no longer sufficient to live according to the new mindset, it is time to “physically” change the environment: a move to another city or even another country, a Change of his “professional” activity – all things that enable him to act according to his mindset and to live (to experience it).

It is time …

If you still have doubts that it would not help to train your brain or that your mindset would be futile and I could not sufficiently motivate you with my vision, then ask yourself why there are successes with the physical training but in the mental (apparently) not? Is it perhaps because those who exercise physically do it in a familiar environment (community)? That they spend most of their lifetime in it? So we call them professional athletes? And are not the well-known success stories of mental trainers successful stories because they also spend most of their time coaching their brains and gaining recognition?

I can assure you that if you want to be entrepreneurial in the future, you need the mindset of an entrepreneur. And every human being will be an entrepreneur in an automated and digital future, as long as he wants to give meaning to his life. Start today and not at some point!

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